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Tejas Trivedi

Creative Director

A Management graduate and experienced professional, Tejas is a so-called handy guy who can fix and construct , he loves to find the solution creatively and with systematic approach. He is passionate about making things easier.

A hardcore backpacker, intermediate runner, beginner tennis player, and wannabe long-distance cyclist, he loves his coffee and good music.

Disha Shah

Communication Designer

Self-taught illustrator and our artsy direction, Disha, is aspiring creative strategist with a special interest in branding and communication design. Born and raised in Ahmedabad and has special obsession with minimalism and patterns in nature.

When she is not thinking “Design”, she likes doodling, meditating and reading motivational books.  

Hiral Kothari

Content Maker

Hiral Kothari is our content writer and editor who is extremely passionate about languages. Her eyes are the most sparkly when she's correcting grammar. After completing her Masters in Linguistics she worked as a Gujarati language and culture trainer to American students at AIIS Ahmedabad. Later she went to Pune to learn Spanish and also continued teaching Gujarati and English as a freelancer. She came back to Ahmedabad and started freelancing content writing and translation work.

Beautifying the content yet keeping it very subtle is her area of expertise. With her on board, we are sure to deliver the content 'On Point!'

Anjali Alisha Kachhap

Client Consultant

Anjali is our Client Consultant, she is passionate about her work always try fill the blanks for our client from understanding the requirement to post solutions. 

She loves Idiosyncratic style of work, is fond of Renaissance painting and a Vincent Van Gogh fanatic has interests which range from sci-fi movies to anime.

Jay Raval

Software Developer

Jay is a Software Developer, who has 5 years of diverse experiences, ranging from Project-Development, Project-Management, and Data Analyst, Jay leads Web and Mobile team. Born in Ahmedabad, Jay lived in Pune and Mumbai. His varied cultural exposure informs and influences his work deeply.

As Team lead, Jay takes charge of Project from Scratch to Delivery. He is deeply interested in Indian Classical Music, and Art.

Ahmedabad. Gujarat. IN 380051

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